Our Professional Services Celebration Day took place on Monday 12 June on campus.

Videos from the day

Sanjeev Bhaskar for the Professional Services Celebration Day

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    Sanjeev Bhaskar: Hello, everyone. Sanjeev Bhaskar here, the Chancellor of the University of Sussex. I'm sorry I can't be with you today, but I wanted to wish you all the best for your event.

    I can only imagine how difficult and how challenging the last couple of years have been and continue to be. But also, I know that you are one of the reasons that students enjoy their experience at Sussex and it is down to your hard work. So today is a day for you to celebrate yourselves. Really? Why not? And also, to pause and reflect and connect. Let people know what you do. Reconnect in some cases.

    But I hope you have a lovely day, a lovely evening, and hope to see you soon at graduation.

Professional Services colleagues

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    Chloe Ratcliffe Schofield: One of my favourite things is the campus, I just love coming here, I actually was a student here as well that was one of the things that attracted me to the University, and every day I walk at lunchtime. I love walking up to Falmer Pond and Stanmer House and yeah I just think it's beautiful.

    Lucy-May Tarafder: Yeah it's beautiful, it's gorgeous and I love, genuinely, the colleagues here and the variety of work we get to do, there's so many opportunities and it's never the same day, ever.

    Laila El Baradei: I love working at Sussex because I feel privileged to be part of an institution that generates knowledge and educates young people for the future; and actually one of the things that really inspired me to take this job was the tour I had with a lovely Student Ambassador who showed me the campus with immense pride and that really motivated me to join.

    Allan Spencer: I love working at the University because we have such great colleagues. Together we can deliver amazing things for our staff and students.

    Will Greensides: The reason I love working at Sussex is because after recently graduating last year and being on the Graduate Associates Programme, I could find my feet in the working world in a place that I'm already very comfortable in and a place that I really love.

    Kate Thorpe: I like working here because I enjoy company of my friends and colleagues working in a place where I learn something new every single day.

    James Croft & Ella: The three things I love most about working here at the University of Sussex are one, our amazing students, who are so dedicated to their studies and to being themselves. Two, all the fantastic staff I get to work with, like all of you. And three, our gorgeous campus sandwiched between the South Downs the city of Brighton and the sea, is there any better place to work in world?

    Jason Oliver: What I love about Sussex is the variety. Every day I come into work it's something different, some days it’s massive challenges, some days it’s real fun, but every day is different.

    Elisha James: I love that my managers are thoughtful and considerate about my situation as a working mum and that they're able to be flexible with hours and it's a lovely place to come to work and lots of interesting people.

    Lisa O'Keeffe: There's so much to love about Sussex; its location, its proximity to Brighton and childhood memories of day trips to the seaside. The buzz and energy on campus, the wonderful people I get to work with, some fantastic collaborations, delivering great results; and personally the care and support I had during a personal time of personal illness. They say that home is where the heart is and Sussex for me certainly feels like a home away from home.

    Colin Shipp: What I love, are the people. Since I've arrived in the past couple of months I've really noticed how the people here are committed to delivering for our students, our staff and they're really passionate about the University and also our values, everyone's really positive which is why I love this University and I'm proud to be a part of it.

    Jose Pinto: What I love about working here at Sussex is the environment, not only are the people that I've worked with in the HR division amazing but also you got the beautiful surroundings of the Sussex Downs you can’t beat that in the spring and summer time.

    Emilie de la Nougerede: So I've only been at Sussex for a relatively short amount of time but it feels like a wonderful inclusive and safe space to work in and there's lots of opportunities that I've come across to help with my personal development; and the team that I work with is wonderful and what we're trying to achieve, not just in our team but as a whole as an institution, it's something that I really believe in. And on top of that being in beautiful green open spaces and walking amongst the blossom and the flowers is just wonderful.

    Ellie Evans: Every day I'm really impressed by the standard of the work and the expertise that the other people in the wider Comms team have; I find that really inspiring and that's genuinely what helps me come to work every day.

    Kay Jones: What do I love about Sussex? Well apart from the beautiful campus and the ability to get out and about in the fresh air; I have the most fantastic team across Schools and in the centre and the people work so hard and just generally having fun here, is great.

    Jo Robinson: What I like most about working at the University are the wonderful people and colleagues that I've worked with over the years; beautiful surroundings and the good facilities like the Attenborough Centre and the Sports Centre.

    Lisa Glandfield: I'm new to Sussex but I love it. I genuinely really feel like I've landed on my feet. I just love the campus that I'm working on, I love the colleagues that I work with and genuinely since day one everyone has been so friendly and welcoming and I've really appreciated the time people have taken to get to know me, to answer my questions and just, you know, fill me with the wonder of Sussex.

    Jane Harvell: What I love about working at Sussex is probably what everybody else is going to say I think in that it’s the people. It's always been the people and this PS Celebration is all about the people.

    Fiona Courage: What I love about working at Sussex is the buildings, the Spence buildings. It doesn't matter what mood you are in or what time of year it is or time of day, there's always something really exciting to find out when you go and wander around the Spence buildings.

    Fola Ajomale: What I love about working with Sussex is the people. The people have integrity, kindness and courage and they're fun to be with so it's a great place to work.

    Helen Basterra: I was a student here 20 years ago, so the thing I love most about working at Sussex is the chance to help today's students.

    Jayne Aldridge: What I love about working at Sussex is the people, the colleagues, the students, the ability to get things done and focus on how can make that happen.

    Chris Derbyshire: I love working at Sussex, I've been here 23 years as a student and an employee. I'm really enthralled by the work that I do, particularly the work that I do with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, but working with the schools with children prior to coming to university or considering university.

    Adriana Davies: I really like working on such a beautiful campus. I really enjoy my teams in Education and Social Work and Global Studies schools and I really like being in an academic environment; I'm very happy to attend social science events and seminars.

    Katie Bennett: I love working at the University of Sussex because of its brilliant people, and fantastic campus which is great for strategic thinking in the sunshine.

    Robert Hutton: What I like about working at Sussex; absolutely for me, it's the great colleagues we have and I reall y enjoy meeting our colleagues. I enjoy working with the colleagues, I enjoy what they offer, the diversity, so for me the most joyous thing, it’s all about the people.

    Liz Kaye: I really love our celebrations, particularly graduation, which is the culmination of a lot of hard work with lots of colleagues working together but really there for celebrating our students; and it's the colleagues that are the most important thing, bringing such diversity and skills to everything they do.

    Maria Smith: I love the campus and the people.

    Nauris Kalnins: I enjoy working in Sussex because I graduated last year and I liked so much I stayed here like in the best school on the campus.

    Sean Goddard: One of the reasons that I really like working at the Library and the University is my colleagues.

    Vik Winter: The best thing about working at Sussex I would say is working with the students. They're the life and soul of the University.

    Urja Chaudhury: One of the best things about Sussex is just that it practices what it preaches. So I was a student here and all the things that I've learned about especially with regarding to sustainability, now I'm working in the sustainability team and I can actually see these changes being implemented and that's just amazing.

    Sean Armstrong: I really like the people, I love the surroundings. It's just a nice exciting, buzzy place to work. It does some really good useful research for society and I think we're going to some really interesting places with sustainability, so you know yeah hopeful for the future.

    Megan Sweeney: I really like working at Sussex because my office is surrounded with green spaces and it makes such a huge difference when I'm taking a break to be in the fresh air and I also love my team we're all really like-minded and our shared ethic is really grounded in Sussex’s rich history.

    Vanessa Cuthill: It's a wonderful place, there's wonderful people and there's wonderful coffee and I think working here brings the best out of people coming together in teams. The campus is a great place for people to come together and meet new colleagues make new friends but we work with excellent academic colleagues as well so mixing it up, meeting new people and really trusting and having fun together is what I love about working at Sussex.

    Sam Waugh: What I love about Sussex is the community of passionate students, staff and academics that are all working together to be one of the most sustainable universities in the world.

    Rob Yates: So Jacqui, in your 20 years of working at Sussex, what is it that you most like
    about working at the University?

    Jacqui Bealing: Well, I love the environment; I love the way it looks different every month of the year and I really love meeting people here and hearing their remarkable stories. What do you like about Sussex?

    Rob Yates: Me, I like a two-pound meal deal and a pint at Falmer Bar.

Photos from the day

Professional Services Celebration Day

Presentation from Professor Robin Banerjee

Agenda for the day

9am - 9.45am: Tea and coffee in the marquee on Fulton Lawn and in the Jubilee Café.

10am - 11.20am: Keynote speeches in the Jubilee Lecture Theatre, streamed to the Fulton Lecture Theatre.
We heard from Tim and Sasha, and had a special session with Robin Banerjee about wellbeing at work.

11.30am - 2pm: Show and tell in Jubilee and Fulton alongside lunch.

11.45am - 2.00pm: Lunch from the street food vendors.

12 noon - 4pm: Afternoon activities.

Activities on the day

Drop-in activities on the day included: LGBTQIA+ and BAME meet ups, a self guidedboundary walk, a Menopause expo with the help of Over the Bloody Moon, mental health and resilience advice from Able Futures, and the screening of 35 minute Ron Mitchell film on the building of the Meeting House. Pre-booked activities included:

  • Meditation tasters at the Meeting House
  • Wellbeing dogs at the Meeting House
  • Sports Centre activities
  • Stretch and Relax with Ria
  • Zumba with Gemma Coe
  • Yoga with Louise Williams
  • PiYO with Ria

Share your thoughts

We set up some Padlets to allow you to share your thoughts with us on a few topics - and we’ll keep these open for a while after the event:


Please share your photos from the day on Yammer using #pscd. Yammer is an internal social network available for all Sussex staff, and you can share your photos in the all-PS community group. Sign in to Yammer using your usual network login.

If you have any queries about the Professional Services Celebration Day please don’t hesitate to email the Internal Communications team: internalcomms@sussex.ac.uk.

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