View the procedures and regulations that guide our work and outline our obligations. You can also find guidance that explains how to get things done.


Here is a list of the policies that inform our work at Sussex:

Drafting and updating policies

if you are responsible for drafting or revising a University policy, see our Policy on Policies and the University policy template.


This guidance covers the key aspects of working at Sussex and the processes to follow to get things done:

  • accessibility – how to produce documents and resources that can be used by anyone regardless of an impairment or disability
  • branding – covers colours, logos, typefaces and other aspects of our identity
  • committees – outlines the people, meeting dates and papers of the main committees handling University business
  • complaints – includes the grievance procedure and our Report and Support tool
  • data protection – includes impact assessments, GDPR, collecting data and reporting breaches
  • dignity and respect – understanding our values and how to report bullying or harassment
  • equality, diversity and inclusion – includes training, support networks and guidance around gender, race, disability and other protected characteristics
  • eye tests – booking an eye test if you use a screen for your job
  • finance – how to use the finance system, buy goods and file expenses
  • graduation – covers taking part in a graduation ceremony and awarding prizes
  • incident reporting – how to report health and safety accidents, incidents or near-misses during University activity
  • officers and staff groups – browse the database of staff groupings, by administrative level
  • press and communications – includes getting stories in the media, building campaigns and dealing with journalists
  • procurement – covers working with partners and suppliers
  • managing people – covers managing people in hybrid teams based in offices and at home
  • recruitment – how to advertise, interview and recruit people to work at Sussex
  • reporting a facilities problem – includes maintenance, rubbish and security
  • research ethics – how to apply for ethics approval and maintain academic integrity
  • research support – covers training, funding and looking after yourself and other researchers
  • safeguarding – making sure we provide a safe environment for everyone
  • student records – includes student data, systems, progress, assessment and certification
  • taking an absence from work – Occupational Health guidance covering sickness, maternity and referrals and returning to work
  • travelling to campus – guidance on modes of transport and where to get updates
  • UKVI compliance – guidance for staff who have to handle student visa queries
  • visas – immigration advice for staff and guidance for managers recruiting people from overseas
  • wellbeing – tools and resources to look after yourself physically and mentally
  • working from home – covers general advice, accessing files and collaborating with others

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Trade unions

If you are part of a union, check information for: