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Our vision

The University’s Capital Programme consists of more than 35 projects and programmes and an investment in excess of £200 million. Over the next few years, the programme will transform Sussex: from improvements and developments across our campus, new ways of working, and better IT; to a reimagined curriculum and enhancements to the student experience – we’re taking transformation seriously.

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Our strategy

Our Strategic Framework – and our vision of being a better University for a better world – is driving our activity to 2025.

We’ve committed to a targeted and focused investment programme (the Capital Programme), which enables us to deliver our strategy by focusing on four key areas of development:

  • estates
  • education and students
  • IT Services
  • research.

About our investment programme

We are investing £200million to help deliver our vision of being a better University for a better world.

Our University is already great, but we should always want to strive for better.

Being better means we are competitive (in a competitive world), attractive to students, academics and other professionals, and a great place to work, research, learn and live.

Being better means we’re a modern University for modern times.

Being better means doing more of what’s important. Investing in technology, ways of working, connectivity, systems and more that we can be better at delivering our strategic aims of inclusivity, sustainability and value for money.

We’re going to become better by investing in key projects (see below).


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