Get access to the systems and services you need to carry out your work.


Our main administration systems for storing data and information are listed below.

Tip: If you use these often, bookmark them in your browser. Check how to add Chrome bookmarks, favourites in Edge, Safari bookmarks on a Mac or the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox.

Sussex is a big institution with lots of people and departments. If you don’t recognise some of these systems, you probably don’t need them.

Yellow screens

Access the Oracle database we use for administration at Sussex.

It’s often referred to as “yellow screens” or “yellow forms”.

You need to use Internet Explorer (IE) to access this database.

If you’re working from home, you’ll also need to connect to the GlobalProtect VPN with an OTP code. For more details about this, see connecting to the database while working from home.


The main facilities you might need to access while you are working include: