Find out about our Student Information System (SIS) – designed to improve user experience for students and staff. 


What it is: A modern and secure information system that optimises processes impacting the student lifecycle and experience.

Why it’s better for you: It will help increase efficiency, improve data availability, and deliver an improved staff and student experience.

Why it’s better for the University: It will offer a secure and resilient system, allowing us to meet our strategic objectives, and offer better business administration compliance.

When it’s happening: The first part of the system went live in March 2024.

How it will launch: The system will be launched in phases, with support and training for all users.

Strategic outcomes

View the strategic outcomes and find out more about the benefits of the Student Information System

Enable a strengthened University system

In an increasingly competitive market, we will provide a solution that is responsive to the objectives of our Learn to Transform (Education and Students) Strategy.

Improved integrity and availability of data

We will strive to use more accurate and consistent views of student and management data, with less time spent mining and investigating data, and increased confidence in its use for management decision making.

Being more resilient and secure

We will incorporate global security standards, so that we can reduce the potential for future disruptions.

Enable an enhanced student experience

We will create a greater self-service functionality, which enables better facilitation of progression on the student journey from admissions to enrolment, and study levels through to graduation. 

Enable increased efficiency

We will embed the academic framework and be adaptable to institutional policies/rules that guides system behaviour and saves wasted effort.

Better business administration compliance

We will refresh, promote and reinforce legislative and regulatory requirements within operational, delivery and change management activities. 

Enable sustainability savings

We will reduce our carbon footprint through improved energy efficiency, reduced reliance on on-premise hardware and a probable reduction in printing.

Enable improved staff experience

We will use intuitive user-friendly interfaces, systematic incorporation of lean 'to-be' processes and the provision of an administrative system that allows the effective execution of daily activities.

Better business administration

We will achieve a reduction in process breakdown, human errors and duplication of tasks.

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