Find out about the Network Replacement Programme (NRP) – a flagship scheme to implement a modern, secure, high-speed wired and wireless campus data network.


What it is: The NRP will provide a modern and high-speed network on campus. 

Why it is better for you: It will provide a better user experience for students and staff.

Why it is better for the University: It will help us move towards our sustainability goals and provide business continuity.

When it's happening: We are aiming to complete the work by 2025. 

About the programme 

The NRP is the largest self-funded estates project to be actioned by the University. It aims to bring significant improvements for students and staff following feedback from the National Student Survey (NSS). The programme is central to the delivery of strategic developments in ITS and Estates.

It also aligns with the values and priorities outlined in the Sussex 2025 strategic framework, and will help us to become a more sustainable University.

Expected outcomes

The NRP will ensure that we have a strong and reliable network, capable of adapting to our changing needs as technology develops.

The benefits of the NRP include:

  • improved student experience owing to a superior network and Wi-Fi experience
  • a better and more resilient service for staff
  • enhanced security for all users
  • increased business continuity
  • supporting the growing data network connectivity needs of the research community
  • reduced CO2 emissions through more energy efficient IT equipment*.

*Containing physical equipment, digital improvements and construction works – the Network Replacement Programme will provide substantial potential to address many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations, the current de facto measurement for sustainability activities and targets.

The goods and services required for this programme will be procured in line with the University's Sustainable Procurement Principles Framework [PDF 893KB], which requires suppliers to have:

  • a net zero target
  • a credible carbon management plan
  • relevant environmental product accreditation standards.

The programme will align with SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG7 (Clean Energy) and SDG 13 (Climate Action), adopting state-of-the-art smart technologies to enable greatly reduced energy consumption and provide advanced data analytics that inform environmental monitoring decisions.


The works will be structured and carefully planned to ensure minimal disruption to staff, students and services during the implementation period. We will provide regular updates and communications throughout the delivery of the programme.

We will replace the existing wired and wireless infrastructure across the Falmer campus with a modern and fit-for-purpose network.

This will include:

  • installing approximately 300km of new fibre 
  • setting up 3km of new supporting ducting infrastructure
  • targeted upgrades for over 200 IT equipment rooms
  • installing more than 3000 devices.


The stages the Network Replacement Programme will go through are: 

  1. Set up project team

    Our project team for the Network Replacement Programme was set up in February 2023.

  2. Begin preparation and enabling works

    Preparation and enabling works began in spring 2023.

  3. Install the network

    Work to install the 'core-to-core' backbone of the network will start.

  4. Rollout of the new network

    The new network will be rolled out across campus, including to Sussex-owned residences.

  5. Complete the work

    We aim to complete the project by summer 2025.

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