Find out about the career readiness of our undergraduate and postgraduate students, including what they want to do after graduation and what experience they already have.

About the Career Readiness Pulse Check

The Careers Readiness Pulse Check is completed during student enrolment. It is designed to gauge how ready students feel they are for work, what sectors they are interested in and what work experience they already have. Find out more about the Career Readiness Pulse Check.

You can filter the results by: 

  • academic department
  • year of course
  • level of study
  • personal characteristics.

 view the careers readiness pulse check*

*The careers readiness pulse check can only be viewed on campus or via the staff VPN if you are off campus. If you need access contact David Gillman at

Tips for using the reports

You could see: 

  • the number and proportion of your students who have work or further study in place for when they leave Sussex
  • how many of your students feel they are not ready to begin thinking about their career yet. This can then be filtered by year of study to see if, for example, your finalists are in need of career support
  • if any particular groups are over-represented.

Other results enable you to see what type of employment enhancing activity your students have had in the last two year and you can also see the sectors/industries in which they are interested.

More about the survey

The Careers Readiness Pulse Check is based on the principle of Careers Registration, which involves asking all students to respond to a set of statements about their career readiness as part of a formal process when they join the institution and each time they re-enrol for the duration of their programme.

It is possible to use it initially within a cross-sectional approach, surveying different cohorts at the same point in time. Additionally, over time we can track each cohort throughout the course of their programme in order to use the Pulse Check as a longitudinal measure of the degree to which students are developing their career readiness.

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