Launched in 2022, our Education and Innovation Fund is designed to support our Learn to Transform strategy. Find out about the funded projects that will help us advance the Pedagogic Revolution at Sussex.

Evaluation of an AI-assisted marking and feedback tool

Luis Ponce Cuspinera and Iacopo Vivarelli

“It is great to receive the Education and Innovation award to evaluate an AI-assisted marking and feedback tool. We believe that this tool can improve the student experience by providing useful, consistent and timely feedback that considers the method and not just the final answer of numerical solutions. This innovative approach is digitally advanced and will make electronic submissions more accessible for students while reducing marking time and enhancing the curriculum.”

Globally Networked Learning: Sussex Writes Expands to Work with Looked-after Children in India

Emma Newport

“Sussex Writes is Media, Arts and Humanities’ co-created outreach project for Sussex students, at all stages of their academic career, to work in the community. With a focus on celebrating creativity, supporting wellbeing through writing, and taking an innovative approach to teaching, learning and literacy, our student team has developed a wealth of expertise in working with vulnerable groups and developing and delivering community youth writing workshops and art projects.

With this funding, we are now embarking on a brand-new project: partnering with Sussex alumna, Anvi Sawant, to start working with young college students, aged seventeen to nineteen and studying Arts and Humanities subjects in India, to deliver workshops to children in group homes and orphanages. Our student team will help to create workshops on writing, self-narrativisation and wellbeing to deliver to looked-after children in India, drawing on their own depth of experience working on projects of a similar nature in person and online. We will be able to evaluate the impact of our work upon three sets of students: those at university, those at college, and those living in care.”

Development of a new gamified sustainability teaching tool in Engineering and Informatics

Mark Puttock-Brown

“We are extremely excited to have won an award in the first round of this fund. Our proof of concept project is aiming to create an novel gamified interface as part of our new

Interactive Engineering Sustainability Laboratory (EISL) in the Department of Engineering and Design. Students will be able to apply their theoretical calculations to the complex resource management challenges facing society as it transitions to net-zero. This teaching tool will provide instant feedback in an enjoyable gamified learning environment that empowers our students with the critical skills necessary to meet these challenges head-on.”

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Facilitators to support International Students

Eljee Javier

“PASS is a new Media, Arts and Humanities-wide scheme offering international students peer-led help with study skills. The sessions will be led by a fellow international student trained to be a PASS facilitator. Their role is to guide group interaction and problem solving. Where there are specific issues identified, PASS facilitators can direct students to the appropriate support and helping them know what help to ask. PASS sessions are designed to be peer-led, relaxed and low-pressure where students will be encouraged to ask questions in a supportive and social setting. This project will launch in Spring 2023.”

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