Find out how we are improving the way you access University IT applications with a single sign-on platform called Okta – which will make it quicker, easier and safer to log in.


What it is: Staff and students can access systems and software securely, safely, and quickly.

Why it’s better for you: It’s easy to use and allows you to access our digital services in one place.

Why it’s better for the University: It provides additional security for staff, students and the University.

When it’s happening: You can use Okta single sign-on now.

How it will launch: Follow our setup guide and start using Okta now.

Why we are using Okta 

Okta will make it easier to access our digital services and will increase the security of data through:

  • single sign-on: you will only need to sign in once a day to access all ‘enrolled applications’ for which you are authorised
  • improved access to digital services for new starters at Sussex, and better processes for removing staff when they leave
  • additional security and enforcement as part of our Cyber Security Programme through multifactor authentication.

Okta provides digital services used by thousands of organisations in the private and public sectors. 

Find out how to sign in to Okta and view the frequently asked questions on the IT Services website.

Multifactor authentication

The next stage of creating our secure identity and access management system is to introduce additional validation to the sign-in process. You may already be doing this for many of the digital services you use at home, for example, bank logins. 

By creating an additional validation code when you sign in to your Okta dashboard, we can make sure it is really you signing in. This will help us protect your work data and improve our cyber security.

You can now set up your multifactor authentication (MFA)

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