Find out how to recruit Sussex Graduate Associates (recent Sussex graduates) into Professional Services roles.

About Sussex Graduate Associates

Our aim is to improve the employability of Sussex graduates by providing them with access to vital work experience and the opportunity to develop key skills. At the same time, this offers University departments the opportunity to benefit from a keen and engaged member of staff.

As of January 2024 Graduate Associates will be appointed at point three of the Grade three salary scale and time period for recruiting Graduate Associates is from 12 to 14 months.

The University has been employing Sussex graduates for a number of years, offering a variety of opportunities ranging from administration, finance, student-facing, support and marketing roles.


Important: All graduates recruited as Sussex Graduate Associates become employees of the University on a fixed-term contract. They will be subject to the relevant terms and conditions of employment. Formal written approval must be obtained via the Request to Fill Form before proceeding to advertise.

Requirements of the role

The role has to:

  • be full-time and the period of time they can be employed for is from 12 to 14 months
  • be offered to a graduate (undergraduate or taught postgraduate) from the most recent winter or summer cohort
  • the pay grade is point three of the Grade three salary scale. Each recruiting School, Professional Services Department/Division has to be able to fund the salary for each graduate recruited on the programme
  • be project-based (or include a significant project element) with a defined set of objectives or outcomes
  • be short-term and require knowledge of the student and/or university experience and/or provide valuable experience for a recent graduate
  • provide the graduate with a named supervisor and a separate buddy for the duration of the programme
  • not require relevant professional experience but some relevant work experience, such as a recent graduate would have
  • enable the graduate to gain valuable experience towards their future career, e.g. delivering services or contributing to specific projects
  • offer a comprehensive training and development plan for the duration of the programme.

Benefits to your team

The benefits of recruiting a graduate associate include:

  • the opportunity to draw on the knowledge of someone who has experience of the University, and can bring new perspectives, insights and ideas
  • full support with the recruitment process provided by the HR Team
  • all graduate associates are offered a one-hour career development discussion during their contract with the Careers and Entrepreneurship team (at the request of either hiring manager or graduate).

Sussex graduates offer a solution to recruitment and resourcing needs. They have been employed in roles, such as:

  • marketing and events
  • student experience
  • data analysis
  • administration
  • international recruitment
  • research
  • student support
  • communications.

The Sussex Graduate Associate role provides graduates with quality work experience and enables them to make informed decisions about the next step in their careers.

Find out how to recruit a Sussex Graduate Associate.

Employing our current students

Students, rather than graduates, are available for part-time work during term time and full-time work during vacation periods. If you need to employ someone for less than 12 months, there is a summer internship programme for vacation work and the jobs on-campus service for part-time work during term time.

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