Find out how to use podcasting in your teaching, and as a learning resource for students.


Podcasts are audio files, where the presenter(s) hosts a discussion around a certain topic. They tend to be created to inform, educate or entertain (depending on purpose). 

You can share podcasts with others digitally and they can be both quick and cheap to produce.

Using podcasts in education

Podcasting can be a great tool to use both in and outside the classroom.

You could use podcasts to create:

  • a revision resource for module topics 
  • Q&A sessions (students could send in questions and you record yourself answering the questions)
  • student-centered content – students could create their own podcasts (this is a great way to use blended learning in the classroom and create a valuable teaching resource at the same time, or be used as a means of assessment) 
  • publicise your work (if you are carrying out research).

Creating podcast allows students to develop several important skills such as:

  • Audio-Visual skills
  • confidence in speaking and speaking effectively
  • researching
  • writing
  • solving problems
  • collaborative working
  • managing time and grabbing attention.

How to make your own podcasts

If youd like to make your own podcast you can use:

We offer training sessions where we can show you how to record, edit, produce and share a podcast. Sign up for our self-paced Canvas module.

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