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Service details

IT Services delivers a wide range of digital services to users across our Campus and beyond. Our Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Jason Oliver, is now tasked with shaping the strategic initiatives and strategies that will secure a successful and sustainable future for the institution. Digital technology and mobile platforms will increasingly transcend physical and geographical boundaries, providing opportunities for the transformation of our students’ and staff’s lives. 

  • IT Service Desk

    The IT Service Desk team are the front line team in Shawcross that support walk-in, phone and email enquiries for staff and students.

    Visit the IT Support Portal

  • Digital Engagement

    The Digital Engagement team are primary change agents working to transform our business processes and systems to nurture the relationships between IT Services and its stakeholders. The team also helps us to understand and develop the ambitions for our use of digital technologies in education, research, student services and university administration.

    Contact: Katie Damen, Assistant Director of Digital Engagement

    Email: K.Damen@sussex.ac.uk

  • Strategy and Architecture

    The Strategy and Architecture team ensures our strategies, technologies, security and standards support our digital aspirations whilst planning the replacement, upgrades and improvements to our technologies and systems. They also ensure that these are aligned and prioritised around the University’s strategic plans and objectives.

    Contact: Peter Collier, Assistant Director of Strategy and Architecture

    Email: p.collier@sussex.ac.uk

  • Operations and Research

    The Operations team work across the research, teaching, professional services and student groups to manage our product areas, develop and integrate our platforms and applications, and support our communities to ensure outstanding service provision across the operational activity of IT Services.

    Contact: Peter O’Rourke, Assistant Director of Operations

    Email: p.orourke@sussex.ac.uk

  • Infrastructure

    The Infrastructure team works to define, modernise and automate our underlying platforms and network and ensuring that they are optimised to meet the needs of the diverse communities across the University. This includes continuing our journey to the cloud and to advance our approaches to ubiquitous connectivity across our campus.

    Contact: Iain McCracken, Assistant Director of IT Infrastructure

    Email: I.McCracken@sussex.ac.uk

  • Sussex Projects

    Sussex Projects acts as a central enterprise function for the selection, prioritisation and control of all projects and programmes, in line with the University’s strategic objectives and capacity to deliver.  The team establishes and implements project management best practices for the benefit of the University in a way that encourages collaboration, standardisation and overall improvement in project results across all delivery Portfolios.

    Contact: Ian Duffy, Director of Strategic Projects & Change

    Email: i.duffy@sussex.ac.uk

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