Get details about our Planning team, Technical Operations and Schools Professional Services team.

Service details

Kay Jones is Director of University of Operations and Strategic Planning.

There are three areas within this division.


The University Operations and Strategic Planning team supports the development of the University through the provision of strategic and operational planning services and plays a key role in supporting the annual academic and business planning cycles.

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Technical Operations

Technicians provide support across specialist areas from science and engineering to film and music.


Dr Robert Fowler is Associate Director of Technical Operations.

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Schools Professional Services team

Provides leadership and direction of all school-based Professional Services staff (with the exception of Technical Services) in support of the University’s academic endeavours.

  • Marc Williams, Head of Professional Services (Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Engineering and Informatics, Life Sciences and Psychology)
  • Merrill Jones, Head of Professional Services (University of Sussex Business School)
  • Pippa Robinson, Head of Professional Service (Law, Politics and Sociology, Education and Social Work, Global Studies)
  • Jacqui Guillemard, Head of Professional Service (Media, Arts and Humanities).

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