Find out how we will improve inclusivity by taking action to reduce gender pay gaps and create an equal pay framework. 

How we aim to improve inclusivity

We aim to: 

  • drive forward the actions to create an equitable pay framework that will contribute to reduced pay gaps
  • develop benefits and career progression criteria that are open, transparent and foster equality
  • develop clear review processes and promotion criteria, job evaluation benchmarks and pay framework
  • ensure the new policies are inclusive and support the creation of a work environment in which our diverse workforce has a sense of belonging and people feel able to be their authentic selves
  • undertake this work to ensure staff feel valued for their contribution, and recognised for their success.

Measuring success

We will:

  • improve the KPI of overall "engagement" (Staff Survey) year-on-year, reaching a target of being above comparator average by 2025
  • make reductions in the gender pay gap annually and have an equitable transparent pay framework by 2024, in line with the Inclusive Sussex Strategy
  • improve representation at senior level with regard to gender, ethnicity and disabled staff by 2025. Annual modelling will be undertaken and targets set.

What do you want to do next?

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