See policy and guidance on generative artificial intelligence (AI) in teaching and assessment at The University of Sussex.

How is the university responding?

In March 2023, The University of Sussex set out its response to this question, stating:

“The University is taking the approach that through innovative, authentic, and appropriate assessment design, along with staff and student education, we can continue to measure attainment through a wide range of assessments. 

“We don’t need to revert to in-person exams: this is a great opportunity for the sector to explore new assessment techniques that measure learners on critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills rather than essay-writing abilities” (JISC, 2023)"

How is the sector responding?

In common with the wider HE sector, it is recognised that, to meet these aims, we need to develop our staff and students' AI literacy so that we are all able to use generative AI tools effectively, ethically and critically. This will better enable us to reflect critically on where the boundaries lie between using generative AI to support teaching and learning and shifting our approaches to assessment design to maintain academic integrity.

To learn more, or be part of the conversation, see also the links to additional training, networks and support provided at the bottom of this page.

Note that this is a dynamic situation for the sector, and for the University of Sussex, so guidance will be updated as appropriate.

Learn more and get help

Access support and guidance on curriculum and assessment design, which includes guidance on authentic and flexible assessment models and approaches. These resources can be found on the Educational Enhancement website. 

Attend a scheduled workshop. Educational Enhancement provide a range of training sessions and themed events, delivered online and in person. Contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Request a bespoke workshop, training or additional support, from your Academic Developer. They are available to work with schools, departments or course teams to develop facilitate bespoke workshops. Your Academic Developer is also available to chat one to one about approaches to teaching and assessment.   

Keep up to date with the debate and share ideas and examples of practice from across the sector via the University of Sussex Teaching with AI collaborative Padlet.

Network with colleagues via the University of Sussex AI Community of Practice. Email and ask the be added to our mailing list to receive updates on new events and resources from Sussex and beyond.

Explore our Learning Matters blog for examples of great teaching practice from Sussex, or submit your own examples.

Examples and links

Some fabulous examples of teaching and assessing with generative AI are being generated and shared across the Higher Education sector. Here are links to some of our favourite collections:  

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