Panopto is designed to be accessible for all users. Please visit Panopto's Accessibility Features support page for detailed information.

  • Can I add and edit closed captions?

    Panopto carries out automatic speech recognition (ASR) on all recordings, to provide reference text for its enhanced search capabilities. For accessibility reasons, Sussex have enabled Panopto to create automatic captions that will be embedded directly onto your video recording. Viewers have the option to turn captions off and change their appearance. These machine-generated captions aren't as accurate as human transcription, but they can be revised and edited to improve their accuracy. These are not available to import immediately after a recording has been uploaded. For recordings less than an hour long it may take 8 hours to process the automatic speech recognition; for longer recordings up to 24 hours.

    To edit or delete ASR captions, follow the instructions on Panopto's support page on adding ASR captions to a recording.

    Please note as of September 2020 closed captioning is now a requirement, as part of the Public Sector Bodies (Website and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations.

  • Can I change the appearance of closed captions?

    You don't need to do this for your students. In Panopto, anyone can control how the captions are displayed to them during playback, so each student will be able to adjust the caption display to suit their own preference. To set your caption display preference, click the three dots (titled "Caption Styling") at the bottom of the player. For detailed guidance, visit Panopto's support page on how to change caption styling.

  • Can I change the speed of playback?

    Yes, the Panopto player allows anyone viewing a recording to vary the playback speed, from half speed through to double speed. The control for this is at the bottom of the view window and can be accesssed via keyboard shortcuts.

Last updated: 25th August 2022

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