Find out how to schedule a live webcast in Panopto and share a link to it with your students.

How to present a live webcast

To present a live webcast you will need to have the Panopto software installed.

Starting a webcast

To start a webcast:

  • go to your Canvas module site
  • click the Panopto recordings’ menu item
  • open Panopto in full screen
  • choose create and then webcast
  • give the lecture a name and select create.

Sharing the webcast link

To share the webcast link:

  • copy the viewer link and share via a Canvas announcement or a link in a Canvas page (the Panopto video will also be viewable from the Panopto tab in Canvas)
  • allow viewers to post comments as you are presenting (if you want to)
  • close the settings by closing the Panopto browser tab and return to the Canvas Panopto tab.

View the webcast in Panopto

To view and start the webcast: 

  • go to your Canvas module site
  • click the Panopto recordings menu item
  • refresh the browser window (if necessary)
  • navigate to the webcast recording
  • start the webinar and then hover your mouse over the title and select settings
  • in settings, click record. This will open Panopto. Start Panopto as usual. The recording will be webcast.

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